Moving Tips

Of course we have moving tips! We’ve been moving families and businesses for over twenty years – one learns a thing or two with that much experience!

  • Go through your stuff – have a garage sale – donate items you no longer use to local charities
  • Think about what you will need once you arrive at the new location – some toiletries, clothing and tools for disassembly and re-assembly of furniture and such. Pack these items separate and label them “Open First”
  • Leave dresser drawers full of light items
  • Mark all GreenCube crates to identify contents and room
  • Take mirrors off dressers
  • Disassemble beds and remove legs from tables
  • Roll up rugs to be moved
  • Avoid packing anything perishable; use a cooler
  • Personally transport irreplaceable photos, financial papers, valuables and jewelry
  • Don’t use newspaper as a wrapping or cushioning material; the ink can rub off and be very difficult to remove