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We all know the challenges and stresses home owners face when moving to a new location, and the pressures on commercial businesses to employ environmental sustainability initiatives within their daily operations. This is how we came to be by offering environmentally friendly, re-usable, plastic greencube crates.

We offer a home / office delivery service. Our greencube rental crates are a great alternative to cardboard boxes, and does your part to make a positive impact on the local environment. Finding cardboard boxes suitable for moving is becoming even more difficult; trust us, we’ve been in the moving industry for over 20 years. People are getting greener and instead of just losing their good boxes, they keep theirs. This means you’ll generally find yourself dumpster diving for boxes; scrounging local businesses with the hopes of getting two or three decent boxes; or having to spend money and purchase brand new boxes. All of these options take time and money; both of which are what you’re trying to save when you’re moving.

Our solution is simple; we deliver the greencube crates to your door, you pack them, you arrange to move them, and we pick them up at the new location. The greencube crates are easily stackable and nest-able. This means that they will take up less space when the are full and empty. You don’t have to worry about the hassle of disposing of the boxes when your done or filling the landfills with unnecessary cardboard.

Reuseable crates and containers have been the norm in Europe for decades. There are several companies in the Lower Mainland and the United States which serve a similar purpose. Now you have a local choice to make your move easier and greener.

About us

We are a local South Okanagan greencube rental company. Our residential and commercial greencube moving crates are a popular alternative to cardboard boxes. They are also an eco-friendly moving solution that’s affordable and local.

Contact Information

If you’re looking ahead to a move or maybe you’ve already got a moving date set; in any event, please drop us a line to learn more about greencubes and the variety of services we offer!

Send Cam an email at cam @ greencube.ca or call us at (250) 497-8650.

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